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Midsate is information based portal that providers the internet and cable service availability in your area, so you can compare providers and their packages in one go. No need to call all providers to know their info, or you can engage our service representative to help you with best suitable options for you.

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Do I have multiple cable companies in my area?

When we refer to “Midsate,” we think of it as any kind of programmed subscription TV service. That's why you'll find a variety of TV provider types on Midsate, including satellite providers like DISH® and DIRECTV; traditional cable companies like Mediacom; and other wired providers like AT&T®, Verizon, and Frontier. Not all providers are available in all areas, so start your search to see which providers are actually available where you live.

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How do I find internet providers in my area?

Just like it does with TV service, Midsate.com shows you cable internet providers in your area along with any competing fiber, DSL, or satellite internet providers. You can even see which providers in your area offer to bundle both TV and internet service. This helps you identify potential savings because almost all companies that provide both services offer discounts for bundling.

Do I get discounts for bundling with any provider?

Some providers have both TV and internet available to bundle. Other providers sell TV only or internet only. Companies that offer only one service often partner with TV-only or internet-only counterparts to provide a complete service. For example, satellite TV can be paired with DSL or fiber internet to save you time and money. Using our handy comparison tool, you can look at all TV-only, internet-only, and TV-and-internet options available in your area.

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How do I choose the best provider?

Midsate doesn't just show you service options when you enter your zip code—we also show you provider ratings from real customers. Based on an independent customer satisfaction survey, our ratings evaluate providers by showing how satisfied their customers are with speeds, channels, prices, and customer support.

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Find and compare cable TV and internet providers by zip code.

Whether you’re moving and want to set up new service before you settle in or you're looking for alternatives to your current cable provider, Midsate can help. With just one call, you can set up cable TV service, high-speed internet service, phone service, and even home security services. Enter your zip code, choose the company you want in your area, and call to speak to one of our experts.